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A new aesthetics. Interview series. We had the chance to meet Carlota Guerrero, Art director and Photographer, in her poetic Barcelona apartment. To us, she definitely plays a significant part in the definition and diffusion of our time’s new aesthetics.

Being both an art director and a photographer gives you more control of what you want to capture and express. Did you start as an art director or as a photographer?
I started as a photographer but the thing is I was already art directing but I wasn’t aware of the term “art director”. I’ve always been very clear about what I wanted to picture, with a very specific color palette and a very specific lightning and so, the outcome had to be coherent to my imaginarium.

When did you realize you could make your passion your profession?
I imagine it had a lot to do with social networks and being able to receive people’s feedback and support so directly. Actually it was seeing other people greeting me for my work. And so, I started receiving commissioned -and paid- projects.  I even remember being surprised by the fact that someone was going to pay me for doing something I loved doing very much.
So it was kind of a natural process.

What of your workpieces are you most proud of?
I really enjoyed the article I shot for Perdiz Magazine, Sexual by nature. The process, all the people involved… it was breathtaking. And also, it wasn’t a fashion feature, so I had more freedom to explore the topic of ecosexuality, which I was very much interested in, because it was something I had been shooting for a long time, without connecting the images to this term.

Do you feel like you’ve found your own artistic language?
Yes, I think my purpose has always been trying to define which things belonged to my imaginarium. But I also feel like exploring other languages and imaginariums. I don’t want to close myself to this specific visual language.

What colors and textures are your favorite?
Soft and low saturated colors and anything that seems harmonic, really. Relaxing textures and objects, things that could be the opposite to anxiety. I don’t really know how to direct a lot of very different elements, I prefer working with few elements that are harmonic to each other.
Almost like a salad made of two very good ingredients which you can savor and appreciate very well.

Your work for Solange’s videos is completely astonishing.
Did you have any specific challenge during the process of creating the art or shooting?
Many challenges. But what was most interesting to me was to collaborate with her, because we both had very strong ideas about what we creatively want, so we had to find the best way of performing everything, always with respect and love. It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

Do you practice other disciplines? Or is there any other branch that you would like to explore more?
Yes. I would love to explore further performance art, dance and even cinema.

What sounds like a perfect day to you?
I have two kinds. The first one would be on any island, with lots of fruit for breakfast, naked on some rock, swimming in the ocean, reading a book, being calmed and relaxed -with a glass of wine in the evening-.
And the second one would be a day working on a project I love with people I love. Those are the best days.

How do you see and perceive the new aesthetics in both art and fashion worlds?
I strongly feel like me and the people surrounding me are part of these new aesthetics, because what we are doing is trying to represent and show beauty the way we understand it -and it has nothing to do to the notion of beauty we have been taught-. I’m always showing the things, places and people that are in my life. For example, giving voice to this way of understanding nudity as something that can be detached from sexuality, has helped opening a path for this new way of living the relationship with our bodies.
Showing an alternative way of living, different from what it is expected for a fashion photographer.
To me, that’s our new aesthetics.

What would you do if you had five minutes left to live?
I would breathe and tell everyone I love that I love them.


Date of birth
October 20th 1989

Fashion designer/brand
Paloma Wool

Café in Barcelona

Perdiz Magazine

Arabian Nights – Pier Paolo Pasolini

The Baron in the Trees – Italo Calvino

Mokragora – Oso Leone

Ficus – Oso Leone

Vegetal Carbonara from Celeste in Cadaqués