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Interview Series “Late Summer” by Alfred Kerbs.

A bunch of whey-faced, very skinny, and big ears youths doing their own stuff like young people like to do, while they see life passing by. That’s how we could define the characters on Inés Maestre illustrations. A young Spaniard artist with a short career – by now – in the illustration world who is, little by little, making herself a name on the market. August has ended and now we start with the wistful September – with sea smell memories and summer night feelings. In Prom series, we can experiment all of that. Inés Maestre and her charismatic characters say hi to us from Madrid.

What was your nickname when you were little? Is someone still calling you like that in a loving way?
I have been always called Inesota, cara de pelota (like “ball face” in English – nothing related to the face type, but the rhyme in Spanish), but this probably happens to all the girls in the universe named Inés.

Why did you choose “in3stable” as a nickname? Are you an unstable person in some way?
No, I don’t think I’m an unstable person. “In3stable” came up with an inventive name game with my name.

Who is your favourite redhead person – in real life or in fiction?
I love every redhead person in the world. But the first person that comes to my mind is Julian Moore in “Short cuts”.

Do you have any redhead friend?
I have a some redhead friends. The closest one is my boyfriend, depending on the day he is blonder than redhead, though.

Do you remember your first sunglasses?
Yes, I still have them. Round, dark green acetate glasses with a dinosaur print.

Which Alfred Kerbsdo you prefer? Why?
I think I would choose Holly green. I would like to own a pair of green glasses again, plus, “cat-eye” shape… it’s really caught my vibe.

If I say ‘laid-back elegance’… what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?
That’s gonna be a typical answer… but Jane Birkin.

How would you define yourself as an artist?
Portraits of haggard gentlemen.

Do you remember your first illustration or art piece?
When I was a little girl I went to drawing classes. I remember I did an oil still life and it was horrible, but still my parents hung it in our dining room.

What does your studio look like?
Truth to be told, I’m changing from studio to studio. The only thing that always is there is “disorder” – so the studio looks like a jungle – and a wall full of images that inspire me, that I’m also constantly changing.

Which are your main visual references?
There are a lot of visual references. Usually, I spend the whole day storing images that I like. I draw inspiration from photographers and painters that work with the concept of youth. (George Hashiguchi, Larry Clark…)

What about the stories behind your illustrations? Who are the characters you work with?
At the very moment I work on them, I don’t analyse really harder what are the stories that my illustrations tell. I think I just work with young characters that are a little lost in life. These characters are the ones that talk to me after that.

Interview Series by Alfred Kerbs. Inés Maestre.

Do you have any special or recurrent muse?
There’s nobody in particular. But I like to paint people with big ears, very skinny, with redhead and pale skin.

Tell us about Prom Series, we love it!
What is this series about?
Thanks! “Prom” is the last series I’ve done. It talks about the phases a person goes through over the life. Every illustration is a moment in the life of this character that I illustrate or paint. They are like instants that the character leaves behind, so he or she can start with new moments on his or her journey.

Interview Series by Alfred Kerbs. Inés Maestre.

What are your plans now? What keeps you busy?
I have several projects on my mind. I’m working on an expo for January. I also would love to collaborate on a musical project.

How is the creative scene in your city, Madrid?
Now, because of the summer, I’m a little disconnected from the world, but there’s always good and interesting art shows in Madrid. I want to go to the “Vogue like a painting” one, at the Thyssen Museum.

If you could choose a city to move on, which one would you choose?
London, no doubt.

Interview Series by Alfred Kerbs. Inés Maestre.

What/who inspires you in:
Fashion… Shinya Kozuka
Music… The Doors
Cinema… Trainspotting
Art… Lucien Freud
Places… London and Berlin

Quick questionnaire
A flavour… lemon and salt
A colour… yellow
A smell… a storm
A shape/silhouette… Skinhead

A message/quote… “Choose life”


Interview Series “Late Summer” by Alfred Kerbs.