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Collection Nº3 Exclusive Preview.

Pre-fall, fall-winter, resort, spring-summer, the frenetic pace of the fashion cycle is hard to follow. Alfred won’t be heading for a burnout; he has decided to follow his own rhythm. 2017 just started, Campaign Number Three is not ready yet – the optical world on its side is already craving for new frames, so it is on a blank page that we introduce our brand new designs to the world.
Together with new colours of our first two collections, Collection nº 3, includes both sunglasses and optical frames. Material-wise, we focused on metal and acetate, always built in very special – but never too eccentric – shapes and in a deeply studied colour palette.
Part of the new collection takes its cues from Alexander Calder, an American sculptor known for his delicate mobiles -hanging and moving sculptures. Always maintaining the concept with which Alfred Kerbs was born: laid-back elegance.
That’s our DNA: classical-inspired frames with a pinch of edginess and a dash of rebellion.
“We have to believe in free-will. We’ve got no choice.”
— Isaac Bashevis Singer

Collection Nº3 frames will be available at our e-shop in a few weeks.