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Interview series. A new aesthetics. With the Ukranian creative duo, Synchrodogs.

One of the first things we discovered when we were doing our research on both you and your work was that you two met online a few years ago. Do you feel like being a couple has an impact on your art? 

Well, ‘a few years ago’ is 9 (which is like forever), so being together has an impact indeed. Feels like we do not exist separately anymore, it’s like being transparent to each other, which comes as a result of being together 24/7. It gives us total confidence that we see things the same way. 


Do you work together through the whole process from the first idea to the final piece? Or do you have specific roles? 

– Sure, that is the key to our eternal collaboration. Even when we divide the roles to be more productive in terms of time we still discuss the activities beforehand and keep track of all processes eventually.   

Synchrodogs - Supernatural


Since the first time I saw your work I felt like there was a complete story behind your photographs and creations. Is there some sort of tale engaged in your pictures? 

Our tale is simple: human living in harmony with natural World. We have always felt safe and happy surrounded by nature and after some years of observation we understood that it’s not the same for everybody. Some people are simply indifferent as they got used to urban life too much. We felt we need to become inspirational for people to live some other kind of life, to appreciate nature more, to feel its power and endless beauty. 


Synchrodogs - Supernatural

Show us your favorite photo of all the ones you shot. 

We don’t have the favourite photo but we do have a Project – Supernatural. Not only we were happy to create a Project to be exhibited in Dallas Contemporary museum, but also the experience was a 6500km road trip full of excitement and danger. We both are very self-devoted when it comes to our artistic activity: take literally every turn to find a location, go to the glacier without equipment to afterwards sit naked on cold ice for 20 minutes waiting for sun to come out, run away from police across mountains that are forbiden to walk (oh! Forgot to mention we were nude and in Muslim country). Same happened in America when working on Supernatural – fighting fobias all the time, escaping snakes, almost dying in a desert with no water, and our favourite – loosing a key from a car (our only prospect to survive) in the middle of a vast land full of hills and rocks with no people for many kilometers around when the sun started going down.


What had most impact on your work? 

We are often inspired by night dreams, always take notes of all spectacular visions we get while experimenting with our meditation technique while trying to fall asleep. This pre-sleep time overall is very productive in our life (taking into account we go to bed at 4am and wake up at 1 pm most of the days), so in personal work we often stage our own dreams or visions we see while trying to fall asleep. This area has always been of some special mystery for us. 


Synchrodogs - Supernatural

A daydream atmosphere is surrounding the images you produce. How are you linked to that dreamy world in real life? Is there any dream that you had as a child that still is a dream to achieve in the adult life? 

We were reckless kids, I think ‘dreams’ is something we started having when we became adult. Of course we mean some deep dreams (not an ‘I want Barbie’ thing), something that would have impact on the World, something groundbreaking. 


What are the reasons that make you go for a commissioned project?  

It’s not like we do it because we have to. We quite like it to have some balance between our art activity and fashion shootings: both take a lot of time and are very difficult, but at least they are different and there is still something relaxing in the way our brain works on each kind of assignment switching from one to another.  


What are your plans for the future? 

This question we can rarely answer as plans appear spontaneously all the time. Definitely plan having some solo shows which we always announce in our Facebook group Synchrodogs and Instagram account @synchrodogs_official. We would also love to involve more people into charitable activity as we develop our jewelry project called CrystalTania where all money from sales go to help somebody in urgent need for medical help.  


What would you do if you had five minutes left to live? 

We would be just hugging each other.   

hometown – Tania: Ivano-Frankivsk, Roman: Lutsk (Ukraine) 

date of birth – Tania: 30 July 1989, Roman: 15 September 1984 

fashion designer/brand – Bimba Y Lola  

magazine – we buy nothing 

movie – we love The Jungle Book 

book – Erich Maria Remarque – Three Comrades 

álbum – no no no, only tracks 

song – One is so Little, can we have three please? – GaikaGlad We Found It, FaltyDL Stay I’m Changed, Costa MeeRetrotronic (Jamie Antonelli Remix) 

food/meal – seafood, Japanese, Chinese, Thai  

CrystalTania, Synchrodogs.