A look into

The story behind Alfred’s second campaign “LA PÉTANQUE” by Fanny Latour-Lambert.

Photography by Fanny Latour-Lambert. Styling by Yulia Popova. Hair and makeup by Noemi Nohales. Models Leo Topalov and Sylwia Kusmierczyk at Blow Models.


Alfred has been working hard. He has been learning a lot too. This is why you haven’t heard much from him lately. But he is ready now; ready to launch his Collection Number Two.

True to his ADN, Alfred has maintained his “laid-back elegance” vibe, although he has taken a few more risks, creating “arty” shapes and constructions and he has selected some suggestive colour combinations. Obviously, when he says “arty”, he is referring to his new metallic friends Memphis and Iris… To tell you the truth, Iris Apfel was not the only imaginary friend he played with while working; he was also inspired by Keith Haring, as these two are iconic wearers of round eyeglasses. Our friendly gang of eyewear lovers was then joined by Simone and Billy, born in the 1970s but most definitely rooted in the 21st century – and as they always say “Don’t call us classic! We are deliberately modern-retro”.

To celebrate the birth of the second collection, Alfred and his lovely friends all went for a petite afternoon of pétanque in the Hamptons – or was it Barcelona? – immortalised by their photographer-friend and pétanque-master, Fanny Latour-Lambert. Creativity just doesn’t happen without some fun!


The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.
—Carl Jung


Discover the campaign: alfredkerbs.com/campaigns